What on earth is Years ago, I saw the domain was available and thought it was pretty cool. I especially remembered doing a project about World War II and how important troopships were for the D-Day invasion. OK, well actually the thing I remember most was the famous quote where Dwight Eisenhower called Andrew Higgins "the man who won the war for us" through his landing craft creations. Plus, anyone who has ever gone to the Queen Mary can't help come away impressed by the chapter of the ship's life when it was a troopship -- including accidentally and tragically slicing another ship in two during a foggy convoy run.

Overall, I thought it would be neat to do a web site about troopships. These days, I know I'm never going to have time to do that. Fortunately, others have. Here are some sites on the topic of troopships that you might want to visit:

  • World War II Troop Ships Home Page: Information primarily on troop ship crossings in the Second World War.
  • Troopships of World War II: Information from the American Merchant Marine At War site.
  • British Troopships: Images of many ships used by the British.
  • Troopship: Wikipedia's short entry on the topic, ending with the note that today, soldiers pretty much fly on planes rather than get moved by ship. Of course, this 2002 article from The Guardian says differently.

Know of a great site that should go on the list? Let me know here. Still looking for more? Here's a box to search Google: